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​7 Types of Hair Accessories Every Girl Should Have

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Every girl enjoys dressing up and accessorizing. Hair styles vary from one season to another but there are some that never fade out and are great in all occasions. Whether for parties, work, school or even sports, these babies in our list would do the job pretty well.

Here are some all-time favorites that are simply essential for every lady:

1.) Ponytail Elastics

One of the most common types of hair accessories is the ponytail elastic, it keeps hair in place and neat throughout the day. Aside from it fixing the hair into a nice ponytail, this accessory also creates different hair styles that compliment your mood and preference.

kilofly Large Ribbon Bow Ties

2.) Headbands

They are always in style, through the years, headbands are known to be not only attractive to look at but also functional since they can keep hair and bangs away from the face and more. Even men enjoy wearing this accessory because of this distinctive feature.

    kilofly Girls Bunny Ear Bow Headband 

3.) Barrettes

Classic and elegant – Barrettes are simply great on any occasion. They are suitable for all hair lengths, girls with bangs, short hair, long hair and more. They have a secure lock which usually springs open to release. It’s indeed a fun and convenient item to own today.

kilofly Classic Clip Barrette

4.) Snap and Alligator Clips

Who said these clips are only for kids? A lot of ladies find wearing snap and alligator clips more useful when playing a sport, working out in the gym and more. They are definitely part of every woman’s essential accessories.

                    kilofly Pretty Girl Colorful Hair Clips

5.) Hair Claws

Each Hair Claw has interlocking teeth that makes sure hair will not slip and stay in grip holding the styles on any hair type. If you choose, hair claws with acrylic or alloy material, they are guaranteed to be durable and can withstand years of use

                        kilofly Rhinestone Crystal Hair Claw 

6.) Bun Nets

Bun nets are often worn by little girls during ballet classes and gymnastics training. Nowadays, Bun Nets are become more popular to wear at school and work. They make every lady look dainty and professional. Vintage yet back in style, definitely a cool hairdo to flaunt.

           kilofly Two-Way Snood Net Bun Cover

7.) Tiaras

Although some girls don’t seem to show their interest for it, tiaras are absolutely beautiful when worn by any girl. They work well for different hair styles. You can wear them with your hair up or down, they would look great! kilofly has many tiaras in store, they are simply fantastic for dressing up on fun occasions and more.

           kilofly Rhinestone Tiara Hair Comb Clip

With the 7 basic accessories mentioned, each accessory can be a great tool to shape, pin and clip many different hair styles. The most important aspects to take into account when buying these items would focus more on if it’s meant to hold hair in place or to be merely decorative. Many hair accessories are designed for little girls but many of these come more functional for school and office work as well.

Priorities may vary from one buyer to another, as some may prefer rhinestone beaded barrettes or gold-plated hair claws, while other people may be searching for just the basics, such as elastic ponytail holders and cotton headbands.

kilofly shop offers a great selection of the mentioned accessories. We are proud to provide you and your daughters, sisters, friends or mother with the perfect accessories that would fit any girl’s ideal set of accessories. Feel free to browse through our shop and pick out the ones that suits you best.

Got more ideas on all-time must-have hair accessories? We’d love to hear all about it. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below. 

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