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A Mom’s Guide: 7 Tips on Choosing the Right Diaper Bag

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A diaper bag is an essential baby gear. Each mommy has a distinct preference in choosing her diaper bag. Finding the perfect diaper bag with all the features needed is a mommy’s ultimate goal and we would love to help you out with that.

Here are some helpful tips in searching for your ideal diaper bag:

1. Multiple Compartments

Keep your items organized and easy to find. With a diaper bag that has a compartment or pocket for everything, you won’t worry on the possibility of your things getting topsy-turvy inside your bag.

       KF Baby MAS Travel Backpack

     KF Baby Handbag Backpack

        KF Baby Multi Pocket Backpack 

2. Waterproof Lining

Makes life easier when spills occur. Diaper bags with waterproof lining make mommy duties less hectic. The more your diaper bag is easy to clean, the less stress there is to manage.


        KF Baby Drawstring Insert

        KF Baby UrBANE Diaper Bag

      KF Baby SwaNk Diaper Bag

3. Convenient Size

Choosing the most convenient size all depends on your preference. Some moms like their diaper bags bigger while others like their diaper bags a little smaller than usual. Just keep in mind that your diaper bag should be able to hold all your baby’s essentials in the best way possible.

        KF Baby Diaper Value Set

           kilofly Diaper Bag Insert

          KF Baby Large Diaper Bag

4. Diaper Bag Insert Organizers

Instead of having different diaper bags, why don’t you convert your favorite designer bags into fashionable diaper bags? kilofly has diaper bag inserts that can turn a regular bag into a diaper bag. Simply place the diaper bag insert inside your bag and you will have your mommy-friendly designer bag at a low cost. In addition, kilofly has a 2-in-1 diaper bag insert that can also be used as a stroller organizer.


   KF Baby Insert Stroller Organizer

Moreover, as versatile as it can be, most of kilofly diaper bag inserts can be used as a changing table organizer as well.

      KF Baby Insert Stroller Organizer

5. Durable and Machine Washable

When you have a baby around, things will get messy and for sure spills and spit outs will occur often. When you have a durable and machine washable bag, spills and spit outs aren’t a big issue.


KF Baby Pail Liner

KF Baby Gray Organizer

      KF Baby Wet Dry Set

6. Comfortable straps or handles

Daily errands would be hard to survive with a mommy bag that is totally hard to carry around. Especially on long trips or days out, you would need a diaper bag that gives you total support throughout the day. That’s why you would need a diaper bag with comfortable straps and handles that makes your life much easier.

KF Baby Multi Pocket Backpack 

       KF Baby Bohemian Diaper Bag

         KF Baby Travel Backpack

7. Additional Features

There are diaper bags with extra features that include an insulated bottle holder, zipper pockets for valuables, mobile phone pockets and key chain straps. While some mothers may find some of these features especially helpful, other mothers can easily live without them. It depends on personal preference, as well as daily habits. Note that diaper bags with these extra features usually don’t cost much more than the diaper bags without these features.

KF Baby Insert Organizer

     KF Baby Travel Backpack

           KF Baby Rox Diaper Bag

8. Type of Bag

This is more of a personal preference. Find a type of bag that gives total support for your day to day needs. kilofly showcases a wide variety of diaper bags in the form of messenger bags, shoulder bags, backpacks and more.

            KF Baby Diaper Bag

           KF Baby Dual Use Diaper Bag

          KF Baby Diaper Bag

In today’s market, there are thousands of diaper bag designs to choose from. Remember, choosing the right diaper bag is one of the crucial decisions every mommy needs to make. Having the right diaper bag can save you in many ways that you could never have imagined.

kilofly admires all mothers for their hardwork and unconditional love for their babies. To make your day-to-day mommy duties easier, here are some popular mommy treats you might be interested in: kilofly’s Diaper Bags and kilofly Insert Bags.

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