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​A Mom’s Guide: 5 Must-Haves on a Nature Walk

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One of the most exciting things to do with your precious little one is to spend an afternoon outdoors. Having a nature walk with your baby is an excellent way to show your baby the beauty of nature. Taking a stroll in the park allows your baby to breathe in some fresh air, observe and experience a variety of interesting sights and sounds.

In order for you and your baby to have a fulfilling and fun nature walk, we have created a list of must-haves to use and bring.

Here are a few things you must get prepared and bring along with you:

1.Your Most Comfortable and Reliable Stroller

Remember, your baby’s safety and comfort are always the top priority. Not only will your stroller make the walk more fun and enjoyable for your baby, it will also make your life much easier for you.

2. Fully-Packed Stroller Organizer

a.) Sanitizer

Keeping your hands clean when taking care of your baby is essential. You might want to bring a bigger bottle in case you meet friends in the park or nearby areas who want to carry and play with your baby too.

b.) Diapers

Preferably 1 for every 2 hours but there’s no harm in packing a few more extras just in case.

c.) Wipes

You will surely need them when feeding, playing, diaper changing and in more ways than you have ever expected.

For a full list on what to store in your diaper bag see also:A Mommy’s Checklist: Packing a Diaper Bag

3. Camera

You can never take too many photos when you are with your baby. Cherish every moment with the love of your life because all these little moments mean the world to you. These photos become especially valuable once you start complaining on how fast your little one grows.

4. Extra Clothes and Burp Cloths

From infants to toddlers, spit-ups and spills basically occurs everyday. Hence, parents / care taker must remember to bring an extra set or two of clothes and burp cloths when going out with the baby.

5. Extra Money and Emergency Cards

Splurge if you need to. Take a cab home if things go out of hand or the weather suddenly looks unsafe when you are with your little one. Never forget to bring your credit card and insurance cards and make sure you have a list of contact details of your friends, family and doctor programmed in your cellphone.

Motherhood brings both joy and challenges. The first few weeks may be the hardest but despite all those sleepless nights and effort in making things perfect for you and your baby, seeing your baby smile and grow every single day is a priceless gift you wouldn’t trade for the world.

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