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kilofly Baby Travel Bed Comparison

kilofly Original Baby Beach Tent Collection is a set of well-designed baby travel essentials that all parents would love. After years of research and development, we have finally come up with products with the best features that you and darling little one truly deserve.


Why kilofly beach tents?

From mosquito bites to pollution, from harmful UV rays to lead-based surfaces, sometimes it could be challenging for parents to keep their little ones protected from all these risky elements. Baby beach tents are a joy for both parents and babies. For one, all babies would enjoy having a clean, comfy space all to themselves.  As for moms and dads, well who would not be grateful to find peace in seeing their darling little ones comfortably sleeping or playing and not being cranky when awake.

While there are hundreds of other baby beach tents to choose from, let us look closer on why customers choose kilofly baby beach tents over others in the market.


kilofly baby beach tent
kilofly baby beach tent
kilofly baby travel bed
kilofly baby travel bed
kilofly baby travel bed
  Highlights   Lightweight
  More headroom
  With sleeping pad
  Ideal for younger babies
  With roll up windows   With roll up windows
  More spacious
  Great for bigger toddlers
  Model #   BBS305   BBS308   BBS309   BBS316M   BBS316L
  Color   Blue, Khaki   Khaki   Khaki   Khaki   Khaki
  Dimension  - Opened   109 x 68 x 50 cm
  43 x 27 x 20 in
  109 x 68 x 50 cm
  43 x 27 x 20 in
  97 x 60 x 50 cm
  38 x 24 x 20 in
  110 x 67 x 45 cm
  43.3 x 26.4 x 17.7 in
  132 x 85 x 60 cm
  52 x 33.5 x 23.6 in
  Dimension  - Closed   35 cm
  14 in
  35 cm
  14 in
  40 x 33 cm
  16 x 13 in
  35 x 38 cm
  13.8 x 15 in
  45 x 50 cm
  17.7 x 19.7 in
  Weight   300g   300g   Bed - 380g
  Sleeping Pad - 220g
  450g   630g
  Age Range   0 - 18 months   0 - 18 months   0 - 12 months   0 - 18 months   0 - 3 years
  Sleeping Pad   No   No   Yes   No   No
  Material Non-toxic, lead free, waterproof nylon
  Toy Hooks   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   No
  UV Protection UPF 35+ (SGS lab certified)
  Anchor Straps + Tent Pegs   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Roll Up Windows   No   No   No   Yes   Yes


Variety of Sizes to Choose from

Expect that different babies have different preferences. kilofly has developed different sizes and shapes of tents that would be ideal for babies who would either prefer more sunlight or a more shaded space. Moreover, we have bigger tents that could fit babies 0 – 3 years old for a longer duration of usage.


Baby Safety First – Designs & Material Used

kilofly baby travel bed

BBS309 - With exterior detachable sleeping pad; Ideal for younger babies


Baby Safety is always the #1 priority we keep in mine when designing kilofly baby travel beds.  The fabric and ink of all kilofly baby travel beds are certified non-toxic, lead free, baby safe material. In addition, to reduce the risk of SIDS, kilofly baby travel bed is surrounded with lightweight mesh, and no padding inside the bed.


UPF 35+ Protection

To avoid your child’s sensitive skin to be overexposed to the sun’s harmful rays, our tents are SGS Lab tested with UPF Rating of 35+. Your baby’s delicate skin can burn in as little as 10-15 minutes, so protecting him or her from the sun is a crucial necessity.


Stability – Anchor Straps & Pegs

All kilofly baby beach tents come with 2 pegs for the anchor straps on the tents. Now you can have a peace of mind and don't have to worry about the beach tent getting blown away.


Toy Hooks

Toys are serious business for your baby.  They help your little one learn about the world and practice new skills.  Some of kilofly baby travel beds have toy hooks.  These are especially helpful for newborns to 6 months old babies who always crave toys that they can look at and listen to.


kilofly baby beach tent

BBS305 - Lightweight and stylish

Lightweight and Travel Ready

Admit it, most parents would find it tiring to go on outdoor adventures now that you have your little travel buddy around. kilofly beach tents are made of high quality lightweight material, and are designed to be folded into compact flat discs when not in used.  Pack one in your luggage, and you are ready to go and have lots of fun with your little travel buddy! Hassle free!


Convenient Set Up

We know that many parents have problems with folding up the travel bed. kilofly baby travel bed has instructions printed on the cover of each tent’s carrier bag, as well as a video demo shown our page to help you master the folding method.


Floor Bottom Featured Tents

Best way to avoid getting sand, grass, or insects crawling over your baby’s back and feet is by getting a tent that covers the whole floor bottom. With this, we are delighted to let all our customers know that many kilofly tents have a great quality floor bottom that makes it safe for babies to rest and stay inside.



kilofly Baby Beach Tents come in assorted mesh and zipper designs to let your baby enjoy the right amount of fresh air and sunlight that he or she would need. With breathable mesh fabric on each tent, kilofly would secure a breezy nap or playtime for your baby to enjoy a day outdoors.


kilofly baby beach tent

BBS316 - With roll up windows; Great ventilation; 2 sizes available; Large can fit kids up to 3 years old



Fun for Parents and Babies

Planning for a fun day out would be even more successful when your little travel buddy is in a good mood. Having them sleep and play in a small space that is totally theirs, would definitely help. By taking one of these lightweight, reliable baby beach tents on your travels, you can provide shade and great protection for your little one wherever you go. Don’t spoil an exciting vacation with doubts that your baby may feel uncomfortable during your trips – Having a kilofly beach tent on your travels is the best solution for a stress-free weekend trip and more.

What are you waiting for? We have heard your needs and now we have a wonderful treat especially made for you! Grab your kilofly beach tent now! 

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