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Welcome to the Neighborhood: ​5 Useful Housewarming Gifts

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Moving into a new neighborhood can be a struggle in the first few weeks. Be thoughtful and sweet in wishing your friend or family member a happy new home with our selection of gifts for housewarming parties.

Here are some presents that will surely warm up a new home:

1.Curtain Tiebacks

Not the ordinary kind, of course. Pick out the most sparkly and elegant curtain tiebacks – They would absolutely add up to a gorgeous new home. kilofly has a nice selection of high quality tiebacks that will not only bring light into someone’s home but would also look classy all year round.

                      kilofly Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks

             kilofly Decorative Curtain Tiebacks

2.Pillow Cases

Throw pillow cases are a nice treat and a lovely decorative element for the living room area. Also, these home accessories are often changed every once in a while, so you won’t need to worry your friend will never have too many of these.

         kilofly Branches On Black & Bronze

                    kilofly Vintage Lace Pillow Case

3.Doilies, Table Runners and Placemats

Bring in a vintage and festive vibe into their home by mixing up lace doilies in their dining area. These are always fresh to look at, genuinely dainty and perfect for any occasion or even as a daily dining set. We have dozens of doilies, table runners and placemats that are certainly impressive to use in different kinds of table arrangements.

     kilofly Handmade Table Runner

      kilofly Heart Crochet Placemats

      kilofly Natural Weave Placemats

4.Tea Sets and Party Utensils

Encourage more fun get-togethers by giving gifts that call for a celebration. Tea sets and party utensils are not only thoughtful gifts but also useful ones. Whenever your friend or family member hosts a party, they can simply put the housewarming gift into good use. We have just the right items that everyone will truly love.

          kilofly Portable Tea Set

      kilofly Party Fork & Spoon Set

  kilofly Party Spoon Swizzle Sticks 

5.Storage Items

We are all sure that this one’s definitely a Must-Have. As much as decorative items are needed, a few helpful storage containers would be even more appreciated. They would help a new home organized and set aside seasonal decorations, old things and more. kilofly has a variety of storage items that are simply amazing home organizers.

                 kilofly Smart Storage Shoe Box

kilofly Home Collapsible Storage Container


Housewarming parties are very memorable events to the people who are moving into a new home. Gifts may not be mandatory as a guest of this occasion, however, giving a small token wishing a happy and comfortable life in their new home is something priceless and fulfilling.

kilofly has a wide variety of products in store for those who would love to shopping for home essentials, decorative items and more. Feel free to browse through our website or shoot us a message if you have any inquiries with our home category.

Aside from the items mentioned above, you may also check these cool sets:

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           Party Pom Pom Balls

      Assorted Party Decoration

        Bath Toy Organizer

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