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​12 Great Ways to Use Wet Dry Bags

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Wet Dry Bags have become a popular necessity when going out and keeping things clean at home. They do not only store cloth diapers and reusable pads but they are also great in many other things.

Here are some ideas on how to maximize your Wet Dry Bags: 

1.Storing Diapers

This is one of the most basic functions of this great
accessory. It’s made for storing soiled diapers which
means they are waterproof and can seal up the odor  
in an excellent way.

Make sure you have a good quality wet dry bag
to prevent unwanted leaking on the bottom of
the bag – or else this would turn into a total 

2.Swimsuit Packing

It’s pretty easy, simply pack up dry swimwear

inside the wet dry bag and zip them back inside

when they’re all wet after swimming. This way,

there would be lesser worries on getting the

insides of your bag or backpack all soggy

and wet.

3.Travel Toiletries

If one bottle of shampoo or lotion accidentally

oozes out all over your suitcase, you won’t worry

on having all your things sticky and wet from all the

leaks that went through your pouch. Same goes for

makeup cosmetics, you don’t want your clothes and

packed items covered in powder, gels, moisturizer 

and other fluids. Wet Dry Bags will save you during

these kinds of sudden luggage mishaps.


 4. Dry Seat

  There are two instances where you will

  be needing a dry seat: (1) When you went

  swimming or hiking and your clothes are

  still wet but you still have to sit in

  the car on the way home – of course,

  nobody likes to have their car seats wet,

  and (2) When you are outdoors or in a

  concert and the ground is moist or wet –

  you’ll instantly have a seat to sit on

  without feeling the wet surface beneath it.

5 .Eye Contacts Solution Pack

Admit it, having your solution spill inside

your purse is a nightmare. Put all your

contact lens cases and their solution bottles

into a wet dry bag and you can simply worry

less on these things from happening. Plus,

you can lessen the chances of facing the 

worst experience of losing your contacts.


 6. Gym Laundry Bag

 Used clothes from a travel, gym or workout 

 seems perfect to be stored in a place that

 keeps away the stench. They are ideal for

 having your worn clothes, towels and socks

 separated from the clean ones inside your bag.

7.Beach and Winter Companion

When you have gone out in the snow for a few

hours or went on a sledding party, the moment

you get in the car or any indoor space - those

mittens, hats and scarves will start getting

sopping wet. As well as on a beach trip, most

often our clothes if not wet, will get sand

all over them. It’s best to separate these

clothes inside the bag.

 8. Breastfeeding Pumps

  They can hold a pump with the supplies

  and make sure they stay clean and safe

  from getting mixed up with the other

  things inside your bag. Definitely

  a great way of keeping things organized

  inside your mommy bag.

9.Changing Menstrual Pads

These are a Must-Have for any girl who is using

reusable pads. Aside from them keeping in the

funky smell and leaks from the used pads, they

also come in cute attractive designs that look

more like a cosmetic pouch than a kit for your

period needs.

 10. Food Storage

 Smaller wet dry bags can store sandwiches,

 bread and biscuits during travels and road

 trips. They are reusable and machine 

 washable so it saves the planet from 

 millions of plastic containers and Ziplocs 

 thrown every day.

11. Diaper Blowouts or Potty Training

Your baby’s transition stage from diapers to potty

training can get a little messy on its first few

weeks. He / she may not hold it in until we get

to the next bathroom, so it’s safe to prepare

extra underwear and pants for baby’s sudden

blowouts. With the wet dry bag, these soiled

undies and clothes can be kept away easily.

 12.Emergency Ice or Vomit Bag

 When someone in the room hurt himself and you

 need to apply cold compress – a wet dry bag is

 a good choice, since it won’t be dripping off

 the melted ice all over the place. Also, when

 someone feels nauseated inside a car or plane,

 simply pull out an empty wet dry bag and you’re

 sure not to grab too much attention and stay

 clean throughout the ride.


For most people, wet dry bags are simply an item for mommies who have babies or little kids with them. Well, here we have made a list of tips and we hope it gave you more ideas on how to use your wet dry bags in more ways than before.

kilofly Wet Dry Bags are helpful items to keep in anyone’s purse or bag. They can secure cleanliness and help you out on emergency situations. If you have more ideas on other ways to use wet dry bags, we would love to hear them, comment below to share your story.

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