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​7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Wet Dry Bags

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Wet Dry Bags are handy little waterproof sacks that are great for storing your little one's dirty diapers, wet clothes, and so much more. They are simply delightful items that make diaper changing and other mommy duties more easy and organized. Surely, once you start using them, they will automatically be your favorite accessory.

Here are reasons why you should start using wet dry bags today:

1. Clean and Sanitary

Compared to ordinary pouches, Wet Dry Bags
have a special waterproof material or a dry
section that makes them easy to clean and
safer to store different items to keep them safe
and clean - especially once you’ve designated
each of your wet dry bags according to its

        2. Seal in Odor and Moisture

               If you’ve packed in your little baby’s cotton
              diapers in and it’s a going to be a long day
              before you get home, it would be much of
              an advantage when it’s packed in a good
              and sealed wet dry bag that keeps all the
              odor inside until you open up its zipper.

3. Various Sizes to choose from

You will need different sizes, for all of your needs.
You’ll need smaller ones to store inside your purse
and keep wet wipes and others and you’ll also need
bigger ones to store a bigger pack for many pads or     
diapers for a longer day ahead.

    4. Cute Patterns

      This special feature best highlights when you’re about
      to change your menstrual pad or baby’s diaper and all
      you need to bring in the girl’s room is your wet dry bag.
      It would certainly look cute and dainty that no one would
      suspect a used pad or soiled diaper is stored inside.

     Plus, it will look more like cosmetic kit than a storage bag
     for your special needs. They can cover up anything women
     find embarrassing or unattractive and have them stored in
     a really cute pack.

5. Can hang around anywhere

Cleaning up can save a lot of space by simply
hanging the bag out of the table. You will feel
much better knowing the mess is contained in
somewhere safe where odor and bacteria can be
zipped lock inside. 

Totally a clean and sanitary solution for every mommy.      


     6. Durable and Machine Safe

           You don’t have to worry on looking for a new set
           and replace them every now and then, since these
           kilofly Wet Dry Bags are easy to clean and safe to
           be machine washed. They are completely safe to
           reuse as often as needed through a good amount
           of years.

7. Versatile Functions

Aside from the usual diaper and reusable                     
pads storage function, these bags can be                     
used in many other ways that you have
never thought of. In a separate article, we                      
would be showing you more ideas on                   

how to use your wet dry bags.


Hundreds of moms have to put up bringing soiled cloth diapers into their purses with only a bad plastic bag and that experience can be quite unpleasant. kilofly Wet Dry Bags are made to brighten your day and lessen your worries on diaper changing and more.

Indeed, wet dry bags are very popular today – but some wet dry bags would not assure you the exact quality that you are looking for. You would want something that is worth your money and does its job pretty well. kilofly Wet Dry Bags are the right set that would make your changing experience lighter. Try them out today!

kilofly showcases a variety of diaper bags that include wet dry bags for mom's convenience. Here are some popular items to choose from:

KF Baby Gray Organizer

KF Baby Wet Dry Set

KF Baby Insert Organizer

KF Baby Travel Backpack

You may also check out this link to see more: kilofly Diaper Bag Collections.

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