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​Top 7 Most Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas

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All parents want to throw an unforgettable, fun-filled birthday party for their children. It is the time to make your child’s dreams come true and make some lasting memories for everyone in the party

In most birthday parties, we see parents spend a lot on party goody bags filled with cheap candies, disposable toys, and other useless junk that might soon end up in the trash. Instead of going for the plain, useless and expected favors, why not try some cool giveaways that can actually be used by your child’s friends?

Here is a list of recommended birthday party favors that your guests would love:

1. Cool Sunglasses

The moment the kids open their gift bags, they would be ecstatic playing and trying on what’s inside. Party favors like these sunglasses are especially great for outdoor birthday parties. With kilofly Pixelated Sunglasses, kids would enjoy wearing the sunglasses on a nice sunny afternoon while they play around in the birthday party.

2. Rainbow Scarves and Ribbon Wands 

Toys, toys and more toys! kilofly Kids Movement Props compose of rainbow scarves and ribbon wands. They call for more running, jumping and twirling around the backyard or garden. You would be surprised on the joy and excitement there is when they all play together.

3. Ballerina Tutus

Posh and sophisticated tutus for all her girlfriends! Your darling princess would sure love all her friends wearing colorful tutus with her on her special day. Aside from it being nice to be worn on the party, her friends can also wear these kilofly ballerina tutus to school and other occasions.

kilofly Girls Ballet Tutu Skirts are made of 3 layers of soft polyester tulle. They can be worn by girls of 2 - 8 years (only as a helpful guide, we strongly recommend you to measure your child's true waist size).

4. Hawaiian Hula Skirts

Thinking of making your child’s birthday into a nice Hawaiian themed party? Why not, right? To make your child’s party even more fun, bring out nice hula skirts for every little girl at the party.

kilofly Hawaiian Hula Skirts move as your darling and her friends dance, play around and participate in the fun party games.

5. Fairy Princess Wings and Wands

As soon as they see the vibrant-colored set of wings, the little girls in your party would be very thrilled to wear these fun wearable favors. kilofly Princess Fairy Party Favors are a nice surprise and eye-catching outfit for guests to enjoy wearing in a themed party of princess, fairy, butterfly or alike.

6. Princess Tiaras and Jewelry Sets

Little girls adore collecting jewelry accessories. Watch them giggle and enjoy wearing those fancy tiaras, necklaces, bracelets and other colorful trinkets you have for them. Made of durable elastics and beads, kilofly Princess Party Collection has great quality necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry sets for your darling daughter and her friends to wear in many occasions.

7.Musical Instruments Rhythm Toys

Bring out those shakers, maracas and other rhythm toys. Kids absolutely find these kilofly Musical Instruments because they are fun and entertaining! Not only are rhythm toys fun to play with, they also have many educational benefits for young children. kilofly has a nice variety of musical instrument sets that all kids would love.


In addition to all that has been said, party favors don’t need to be expensive to be fun and memorable. When you start picking out which party favors to get, a friendly advice would be to get to know your child’s friends first. This way it would be easier to find the perfect set of giveaways that fits for your child’s birthday party.

Lastly, since this is your child’s birthday party, it would be totally expected that your darling little one also has a long list of ideas that he / she would like to pitch in. Take time to listen on what your sweetheart’s requests are. This way, your child would feel more excited in the preparation for his / her birthday celebration.

Through the years, kilofly has offered a great selection of party favors for kids’ birthday parties. You may visit these links to see more: kilofly Kids Special Occasionskilofly Princess Jewelry and kilofly Kids Musical Instruments.

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